General terms and conditions of sales, delivery and payment

Credit terms
  • We offer 30 days credit from invoice date, unless otherwise agreed.
Quotation terms
  • All quotations are prepared in EURO. Prices are without VAT and excise taxes. Quotations are based on the descriptions and quantities in buyers enquiries - any changes are subject of consideration.
Delivery terms
  • Delivery of goods is being arranged in accordance with Incoterms FAS regulations. We reserve the right to add delivery expenses or cancel the order, in any case where the order can be considered bad business to us, due to a combination of the size of the order, short notice and delivery expenses.
Invoice terms
  • Invoices are to be signed and stamped by master. Invoices will be scanned and sent by e-mail to your preferred e-mail address. If needed, the original invoices can be sent by ordinary mail to your preferred address, as per your request and cost.
Payment terms
  • All payments should be done in EURO, without any deduction of additional expenses, fees, charges or the like, unless otherwise agreed.
Payment must be made directly to our bank:
  • AB DNB bankas
  • Lithuanian branch
  • IBAN: LT034010042301290602
  • Account overdue fee is 0.05% per day.
Discount terms
  • Discount can only be negotiated before or during ordering, not after. Discount is only applicable within the agreed payment term.
Return terms
  • Incorrect or faulty goods must be pointed out during delivery and returned immediately. If you find any discrepancies at a later stage, you must make the defective goods or samples hereof available to us for inspection. Goods that has been worn, used or altered will not be accepted for return or exchange. All goods must be returned in undamaged original packing. Any goods manufactured in accordance with buyers written specifications, including IMPA and ISSA catalogue numbers, are not returnable.